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Property manager Groningen

Are you looking for a property manager to take care of your real estate in Groningen? 123Wonen specializes in property management for people who own and let out commercial property in Groningen. With our comprehensive services, you can experience a completely stress-free rental period. Contact us today, for more information about our services as property manager Groningen!

What is a property manager?

A property manager Groningen is a person or a company that takes care of the everyday workings of your estate. Whether it concerns collecting rent or handling maintenance requests, the property manager makes sure that the property is in good condition and that the tenants are happy. Hiring a property manager Groningen is something that many estate owners decide to do, as there are many advantages that come with it.

Benefits of hiring a property manager

Property managers are often hired by landlords and investors who want to free up their time. A property manager Groningen will take over all of your landlord duties, which means you can experience a carefree rental period. It can be especially beneficial to hire a property manager Groningen when you live abroad or far away from the property. In order to keep your tenants satisfied, it is important that they feel heard and that any problems that they have are resolved quickly. A property manager will make sure that any maintenance issues or complaints are handled in a swift and professional manner. 

Another important reason for hiring a property manager Groningen are the financial benefits. Renting out your property comes with financial risks, such as payment default or damage done to the property. A property manager can help you find a trustworthy tenant, as they will often conduct a thorough candidate screening. Furthermore, a property manager is an expert in their field, and they will be able to advise you and help you with maximizing your profits.

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Are you interested in our services, and would you like to get into contact with a property manager Groningen? Feel free to contact 123Wonen for more information about our property management, or to plan an introductory meeting.



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123Wonen Property Management

123Wonen offers a professional property management service in Groningen. With our flexible and proactive approach, we help you reach your goals and maximize your incomes. As a property manager Groningen, we securely manage your rental flows through our third-party fund administration company, Stichting 123Wonen Beheer Derdengelden, which means your rental income is guaranteed. Our property management service comprises both technical and financial management.

Technical property management means that the property manager Groningen take care of any maintenance of the property. Your tenants can contact us 24/7 in case any malfunctions occur, and we will make sure these problems are fixed quickly and adequately. You can decide to hire your own service company, or you can make use of our affordable technical services. 

As a property manager Groningen, we can also take care of all financial administrative work. We make sure that rent is collected, and keep a clear administration of all incomes, including service costs. If rent arrears occur, we take the necessary (legal) steps to prevent the situation from getting worse. Furthermore, you will always be up to date with the newest financial developments of the property, as we provide you with a monthly overview of the finances.

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