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Relocation Gouda-Woerden

Expat Relocation Gouda-Woerden provides professional relocation services to expats in the Gouda/Woerden area. We understand how challenging it can be to move to a new country, to find a new home and to have to adapt to a new culture.

Our agents specialize in finding rental homes in the Netherlands and helping you settle in. 123Wonen Relocation Gouda-Woerden is here to help make your move to the Netherlands easier.

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123Wonen: Relocation process

The relocation process with Expat Relocation Gouda-Woerden starts with a personal intake, in which we identify your wishes and preferences. With these in mind, we will start the search for a fitting rental home.

Even if you are not yet in the Netherlands, Expat Relocation Gouda-Woerden can still help you. We can do the intake via video call, and visit viewings in your place. In all steps of the relocation process, we are there to give advice and help you make the right decisions.

Our relocation services include:

  • Accompanying you during viewings
  • Providing advice about the house and its rental price
  • Conducting negotiations
  • Reviewing the rental agreement with you
  • Conducting a pre- and final inspection
  • Assisting with the signing, key transfer and check-in
  • Arranging utility contracts for you

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Moving to Gouda or Woerden

If you are looking for a charming city to call home in the Netherlands, Gouda or Woerden might just be the perfect place for you. Both Gouda and Woerden may be best known for their cheese, but there is so much more to it.

The historic cities are full of character, and it is just a short train ride from the big city of Amsterdam. Both cities are conveniently located between the major cities in the west of the Netherlands. An ideal location for expats!

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If you are interested in relocating to Gouda or Woerden, feel free to contact 123Wonen Relocation Gouda-Woerden. We would be happy to assist you with your move and provide you with information about the wonderful area.

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