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Whether you have been offered a career opportunity, you are planning to study abroad, or are simply looking for a new adventure, relocating to a new country can be stressful. That is why many expats decide to hire a relocation agent.

At 123Wonen, we help expats with their relocation to the Netherlands, by finding them a suitable home and explaining everything they need to know about life in the Netherlands. Are you planning on moving to the Netherlands? Contact 123Wonen now for more information about our relocation services.

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Why choose 123Wonen?

123Wonen is a professional expat rental agency in the Netherlands. We have over 30 local branches throughout the country, which means there is always an office nearby. Our agents have all the knowledge and experience needed to offer you the best support during your expat relocation. We offer a variety of services to make your relocation experience as smooth as possible; from helping you find the right property to handling all the paperwork, we're here to help you every step of the way.

Our Expat Relocation services include:

  • Identifying your needs and wishes
  • Looking for suitable rental homes for you
  • Viewing homes and giving advice
  • Negotiating price and conditions
  • Helping you understand the rental agreement
  • Attending the property inspections
  • Arranging utilities and internet connections
  • Providing furniture if needed

We can begin the relocation process while you’re still in your home country. Meetings will be done through video call, and our agents can view the properties on your behalf.

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Relocating to the Netherlands

When it comes to finding somewhere to live in the Netherlands, there are plenty of options available. In the major cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam, you'll find a wide range of apartments and houses, though housing is often relatively expensive. Perhaps you will find that one of the neighboring cities, such as Alkmaar, Zaandam or Gouda, is more to your liking. Or maybe you are moving further away from the Randstad, to places like Groningen or Tilburg.

Whatever the destination,123Wonen Relocation will make sure your transition is smooth and pleasant. We can help you find a city and a neighborhood where you will feel at home.

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Are you relocating to the Netherlands as an expat, and are you interested in hiring an expat relocation agent? 123Wonen can help. With our relocation services, we will guide you in the process of finding a new home and settling in.

Feel free to contact us, and start your relocation to the Netherlands today!

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