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Rent Groningen

Are you thinking about moving to Groningen and looking for a place to rent Groningen? Whether you’re here to study or work, one thing is for sure: you need an apartment, a house of a room that suits you! 

Rent Groningen

This city offers room to over 192.000 people, including more then 50.000 students. This variety of people means a broad selection of places to rent Groningen. 123Wonen offers rooms and apartments in the north, ideal for students because of the proximity to the Zernike Complex. But there’s also plenty to rent Groningen centre or the quiet and green south. 

A place that suits you

When you choose to rent Groningen, rooms or apartments, using 123Wonen, you can expect we’ll do our best to find a place that suits your every needs and desires. We can find you a room, empty or furnished, or an apartment or house of your own. Just register for free at 123Wonen.nl and tell us what you’re looking for, we’ll start searching and can offer you a place to live even within 7 days! 

Looking for a place to rent Groningen? 123Wonen can help you find it! Mail info@123wonen.nl.